Meet Nathan

I graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, on May 5, 2012, with a Bachelor's degree in IT Applications and Web Applications Development. I have been obsessed with all things technology since I was a teenager. This obsession has had the fortunate outcome of allowing me to create several websites for my projects and has led others to contract with me to build or upgrade their sites. I also repair and upgrade computers in my local area.

I started web development way back in 2005. One day I decided I wanted a website. At that point, it didn't really have a purpose other than "I made this." It didn't take long for me to become obsessed with a game called RollerCoaster Tycoon. Since I enjoyed it so much, I decided this would be a good topic for my website (and thus, "pvcsnathan's rct" was born). It all started out as static HTML content. As I began to add more pages and tutorials, I figured out this was going to be hard to maintain. A little bit of research and a few hours later I had implemented Server-Side Includes. Somehow, traffic started coming my way. I decided it would be a good idea to implement a forum. A few hours later, and I'd installed PHPBB2. The forum was popular with the community that had suddenly popped up. The most popular aspect was the Artificial Intelligence bot that automatically replied to posts in certain sections (called "Cindy"). Up until this point, I was using a subdomain from and running all of this on a quite insecure installation of AppServ. It soon became apparent that my slow DSL connection couldn't handle hosting such a large site. After a bit of begging on the front page, someone offered to give me hosting for free. With a solid base to build on, I made the move to the e107 content management system. That hosting lasted for a year (HostGator's "unlimited" just wasn't enough). I found a free host--IsMyWebsite--in October 2007 and moved there. Although it didn't have the stability of HostGator, it worked most of the time and the administrator was happy to have me onboard.

Since I was interested in web hosting, I soon became involved with helping out at IsMyWebsite. I did that off and on for a few years and I worked my way up through answering support tickets, moving accounts, managing servers, and various other tasks. With that experience in hand, I decided that I'd like to start my own hosting company. Hostify Me! was born soon after. After experimenting with the free hosting business, I decided that wouldn't work for me. I made the transition to paid hosting and haven't looked back.

I've started other projects along the way such as an Internet Radio Station (AudioProbe), a Wordpress blog devoted to my time at Lipscomb (now defunct), and various other scripts designed to solve problems. I suppose you can say I'm a self-starter.

What you've heard thus far probably makes you think I only do web stuff. Not true. :) I enjoy working with a variety of hardware and software. I got my first computer when I was 5 years old (yay, Windows 95 and AOL!). I've been playing and experimenting with technology ever since. I've gained a reputation of being able to solve problems with PCs, so I regularly get the privilege of helping people with a variety of issues including "my email doesn't work," "my computer won't turn on," "I can't connect to the Internet," "I've forgotten my password." I always preach about the importance of backups since it's very rare to run across a user that actually has any. I also fix VCRs that flash 12:00. ;)

Whenever I see something I think is interesting, I try it. For instance, a few years ago I decided I wanted to try out virtualization. VirtualBox was the first thing I tried. Since that was a bit buggy at the time, I switched to VMware Server, and have now moved on the VMware Workstation. The same concept applies to most of the sites I have made and the projects I have done. They all tend to start with "this looks cool, I want to try that," "I think I can do this better," or "that really bugs me." If you're looking for someone that can learn quickly, I'm your man.


My reputation of being able to find and implement solutions has resulted in me gaining experience in a wide variety of areas. Here is a list of most of the technology I've touched and feel comfortable working with (not exhaustive):