Writing a New Program to Automatically Kill Stream Rippers and Manage DJs

This is a follow-up to Automatically kick and ban “bad” listeners from your Shoutcast server and DJ management script. What the former does is kick and/or ban users from your streaming server that match certain criteria. This is useful to deter ripping of your radio stream. Right now, the only supported criteria is user agent. The latter takes care of injecting the appropriate live DJ directly into the source for Sam Broadcaster.

During my free time, I have been working on an update to this program. I’m rewriting it in C# so there will be a nice GUI and no code for end users to modify. It will only run in Windows, however. The config file(s) will be xml-based and easily read on other platforms, so there is a possibility of at least the guts running on something other than Windows.

There are several key differences between what I’m working on and the original script:

  1. Server configurations can be directly imported from Sam Broadcaster (perhaps Edcast as well depending on how it stores server credentials).
  2. DJ management will be included at some point.
  3. Support for kicking and/or banning by country and IP/subnet.
  4. Support for SHOUTcast 1 & 2 and IceCast 1 & 2.

At present, there is no ETA on this. To hold you over, here are some screenshots of the very basic, written just a few days ago program: